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Vehicle Lockouts, Tire Changes, Jump Starts


car door unlock service Lockouts 
If you have unfortunately locked your keys inside your vehicle and you don't have a spare set of keys with you..... That's where we come in! Instead of paying to have another key made, which can be very costly and time consuming, we can unlock your car or truck doors using automotive lockout tools designed specifically for this purpose. If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle give us a call. We'll get you back on the road in a hurry!

dead car battery jump start service Jump Starts 
Batteries can go dead for a number of reasons. Age, outside temperature, physical damage, bad alternator, poor battery cable conections, corrosion, maybe you left your headlights or dome light on to long, etc, etc, etc.... Whatever the reason, you need to get you car going again. If you find yourself stranded somewhere with a dead battery give us a call. We carry the best jumper cables and portable jump packs the industry has to offer. We can get your car or light duty truck jump started in just a matter of minutes. Disclaimer: If your battery went dead because your alternator went bad (this is very common) then a jump start will not help you get back on the road. This is very easy to determine... Once the vehicle has been jump started, and the jumper cables have been removed, a car with a bad alternator will usually die either right away, or within a minute or two. If this happens, there is nothing else I can do. Your car will need a new alternator installed.

commercial vehicle heavy duty semi truck jump start Commercial Vehicle / Heavy Duty Truck Jump Starts
We offer commercial vehicle and heavy duty semi truck jump starts.  We carry a 4000 amp commercial jump start unit specifically built for starting the biggest diesel trucks on the road.....  Even diesel pickup trucks can require a ton of amperage to start on those cold mornings. From light duty diesel pickup trucks, to medium duty straight trucks, all the way up to eighteen wheeler semi trucks, we'll get you going.  If all else fails, our 4x4 service truck is equiped with an air compressor, along with hose and fittings to perform pull starts if need be. If you're looking for a jump start for any sized vehicle give us a call. 

mobile truck repair service Commercial / Heavy Duty Mobile Truck Repair Service
We also offer mobile truck repair service for items such as electrical problems, lighting, broken air lines and fittings, diesel fuel de-gelling, jump starting, door unlocking, etc. If you have a problem that needs to be fixed before you can get on the road, our on-scene mobile repair service will travel to your location and get you running again.

flat car or truck tire change service Tire Changes 
Did you run over a nail, hit a pothole, maybe something poked through the sidewall of your tire? Who knows, but it's flat. As long as you have a spare tire in your vehicle you should be ok. Give us a call and we'll change it for you. We carry much better equipment for changing tires than what came from the factory with 99% of the vehicles on the road. "Factory" jacks can be downright dangerous to use under the best conditions. We carry sturdy hydraulic floor jacks and cordless impact wrenches to make a "dirty job" not-so-dirty. Not to mention, MUCH safer too.

gas or diesel fuel delivery service Fuel Delivery 
Well, you ran out of gas... Your gas gauge is broken, or just you thought you could make it a few more miles, or you simply forgot to look at the gauge. Either way, you're stranded now, you don't have a gas can with you, and the nearest gas station is several miles away. It's ok, it can happen to anyone. The quicker you call us, the quicker you can get rolling again.... We will deliver gas or diesel fuel to your location. We charge a standard service call fee, plus the price of gas/diesel. Diesel trucks can be a BEAR to re-prime the fuel system after they've been run out of fuel. If this is the case, we may charge extra if we are on scene an extended period of time while trying to get the vehicle's fuel system re-primed.

tire plug installation Roadside Assistance 
These are the four main types of roadside assistance services that we provide. Our Roadside assistance service trucks carry all the best tools and equipment to quickly and easily perform any of these services mentioned above. Give us a call.

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Roadside One recomends using Purcell Towing LLC of Apple Valley, MN for all your vehicle towing and equipment transport needs. You can visit their website at

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